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Petit Chat Kate Jewelry

The Kate Jewelry set consists of a pair of bracelets, a pair of earrings and a necklace. This is the latest release from Petit Chat for The Secert Garden Event.

The HUD is universal and can control the different jewelry separately without the need to add and remove them while customizing their colors. There are a lot of choices to change the various beads and metal and here is the example of the necklace. Look at that palette of colors! 

The earrings is small, not too huge and to make up for it, it is long so that it can be easily spotted. There are cute beads on it which makes it really fun to change the colors on it.

The bracelet is simple, not overly complex and is basically made of metal and beads too. Of course this can be change with the HUD as well. There are different set of colors and also there is an option to either wear the Left and Right separately as together as a pair when it comes to color changing.

A set of jewelry is never complete without the necklace and this is exactly the center of attraction for the Kate jewlery. The necklace consists of 3 rows of beads connected together and you can make it looks as lovely as you want to. Do you think the necklace goes well with Kitty's hair?

The Kate Jewelry is available at Petit Chat's booth at The Secret Garden:

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