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Petit Chat Amy Necklace and Earrings

The Amy Necklace and Earrings from Petit Chat are available at The Chapter Four event now and it has a cute little heart made from colorful beads.

One thing about the earrings is that most of them all really very small and take a real close look to see them. This is however not true for Amy as the heart shape on it is so prominent that you can see it even from a distance. Can you spot it on Kitty? Time for a new pair of glasses?

The hollow heart shaped is the center of the Amy necklace as well and it can be made to have different colors based on the HUD (one for the earrings and one for the necklace) provided. There are many different colors combinations you can make from this and do not forget you can chance the metal color as well. 

The Chapter Four is a fashion event held regularly showcasing the latest in fashion from various designers. Find the Amy Necklace and Earrings at the Petit Chat booth inside:

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