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LR Teeth Bow

The Teeth Bow is a quite a unique looking bow from LR Weapon and this is the bow second weapon on sale at the We Love Roleplay event now.

Let's have a look what is available on the HUD which you can change. Looks like there are quite a few components on this one which you can adjust to make it unique! From the decor to teeth to quivers, there are a lot of choices here.

While the teeth looks dangerous, it is quite comfortable sheath on the back though. It is a good design to make it far away from your back. Also, if these are teeth, I wondered what sort of animals it came from... Is it still in the jungle? Not to worry, Kitty will protect you, with 2 full quivers of arrows.

Here is a close up in case you are wondering if the teeth is fake. Trust me, you do not want to have a slash of this onto your pretty face... It would be ugly, literally. Also notice how details the texture are and the arrows were. I wish someday they would allow arrows with payload such as explosive or poison... Put that down on Santa's wish list for 2018. :)

Let's give the bow a shot. Because of the advance scripting LR uses, the bow has no lag and fires rapidly arrows after arrows. And let you in on a secret, the quiver is magically too! Blessed by the ancient Maya gods, the quiver will always be full. Infinite ammo? Yes! So think again before crossing someone with the Teeth Bow.

You can get the Teeth Bow at a 25% discount now at the We Love Roleplay event:

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