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LR Eternal Blowdart

LR weapons has 2 items at the We Love Roleplay event this month and one of them is a innocent looking pipe, which shoots deadly darts. Pretty for hunting bad things of course.

The HUD is simple to use and has 4 parts for you to customize to suit what you need. There is the standard resize and the parts now even has build in support for tinting it to any of the hundred of colors.

The Eternal Blowdart can be played as slave or dart damage and doesn't it look so innocent. But rest assured that even without the dart, it can be very painful if you get hit by this on your head. :)

The Blowdart is nicely sheath on your thigh and this is display to let you see where it goes. If you are wearing a long skirt or alike, this will be well hidden. Deadly isn't it. LR weapons is almost like quickdraw so you can be assured that it can be quickly pulled out and shot if necessary. I hope you do not make it necessary for Kitty to use this on you.

Pay not the full $600L now and get it at only 75% at the We Love Roleplay Event today:

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