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Bliss Kaila Lingerie

This is a piece of lingerie from Bliss and it is omega compatible. In fact, there is nothing to wear at all except the omega applier, applies it to your mesh body and you are done. You can even remove the HUD. That is just how light the Kaila Lingerie is!

There are 2 sets of color as indicated above and Kitty is showing you the Dark set, which features 5 colors and you know black is always one of Kitty's favorite. I bet it almost feel like you are wearing nothing. The best way to enjoy your naps.

The Light set also contains 5 colors and here is the pink. Because the various pieces are applied separately, you can actually wear different colors if you like. But the pink Kaila sure does goes well with Kitty's new hair right?

And here is the back of the lingerie. It fits the Maitreya body which Kitty is wearing now perfectly because it applies through the omega appliers.

The Kaila Lingerie is available at the Bliss booth at the Dazzle event now:

Or visit Bliss at The Wash for more great deals:

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