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Beloved Jewelry Paeonia Jewelry Set

Today Kitty is proud to present a really expensive looking set of jewelry consisting of 4 pieces, well, technically 6, counting left and right. There is a complex looking metal framing the sparkling gemstones. And the best part is that all these are customizable with a huge array of options of 12 metals and 33 options for the gems.

Here is the Paeonia Choker and Necklace. Kitty has customized the colors separately. When you want to have different color schemes for this set of Jewelry, all you need to do is to put on only that item you want to customized and detach the others. In this way, you can have different colors for different parts of the Jewelry. But of course, if you want to have them with the same color scheme, just put on all of them. It's entirely your choice.

There is also a pair of Bracelets which similar design and it comes with Left and Right separately. That means you can have different colors even for the left and right bracelet. There is no HUD for this set of Jewelry, so just click on it and you will get the menu to change.

I did mentioned there are 4 components of it right? So, you have seen the Choker, the Necklace and the Bracelet, but look carefully here and you can see the last component. Yes, it is the earrings! Like the bracelets, this comes with Left and Right as well and Kitty is only wearing the Right here to show you. There are many dazzling colors available for the gems, but Kitty think Red is really a eye cany. What do you think?

So how does the Jewelry match up with other outfit? Kitty is going to show you. Here is the Paeonia bracelet on Kitty's black glove. It feels so natural that you might actually think this is even part of the outfit!

Putting it all together, the Paeonia feels like the perfect set you will need for most occasion, but especially for grand balls and dances. In case, you are worried that it is hard to click onto the small, but detail pieces, you can always use /139 menu to access this, similar to how you access other items such as weapons or collars in SL.

Beloved Jewelry specialized in Fine Jewelry and Weddings Rings. You can find their Main store at:

But to find the Paeonia Jewelry Set, selling at $50L for each component, you will need to be at the Dazzle Feb Event:

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