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Bare Rose Turtle Flare Mr

The Turtle Flare is a Maitreya MESH dress from Bare Rose and it comes in 3 colors in the package with some extras!

This is not just a dress, but a full outfit. The Turtle Flare is a tight necked dress and comes complete with a pair of high leather boots. There is also necklace and a pair of earrings in the same package. This is the pink version and Kitty think most girls will try this first right?

Sometimes when pink is just not quite flashy enough, there is always the bright yellow. It is definitely a show stealer! The short dress is also a perfect time to relax and just be playful around.

If flashy is not the mood, there is always grey which is just plain and would probably let you blend into most crowd without getting too much attention. Did you also notice that there is a cute earring too? Yes, that is part of the Turtle Flare too. Because this outfit is designed specially for Maitreya, it also comes with a Maitreya Autohide which with 1 click remove all overlaying spot. Neat!

You can find the Turtle Flare at Bare Rose Main store as well as other version of this for other bodies:

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