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Bare Rose Athena T2Mr

It is time to get back into the Greek Mythology with the new release from Bare Rose, featuring Athena the Goddess of war and fully in MESH.

The outfit consist of many parts including a spartan looking headdress a pair of wings. And since Athena is the Goddess of war, she has to have a weapon and here she got a nice looking speak, with wings on it too! And guess Kitty has found a shrine that worships her in this case!

A close up of the outfit shows the details on her armor and covers her body light, but definitely enough. There are also scarf pieces to add to the Goddess like feel of the outfit and it swings around so gracefully along with the long skirt while she walks.

Here is a clear frontal shot of the armor showing the plate on her shoulders as well as her leggings. Look at that spear. Although it may feel light, I am sure it is going to hurt real bad if you are on the wrong end of it.

It will not do justice to the outfit if we do not do a close up of it showing you all the shiny armor pieces and the cute angel looking wings in detail. The wings are Bento compatible and can be worn even if you are not in Athena outfit. I would say that along is worth the buy!

Get your very own Goddess Athena today at Bare Rose Main Store:

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