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1 Hundred Let's Meet Fuschia

Today is a good day for FREE gift! Kitty has recently visited Free Dove and found really great gifts. Today Kitty is going to share one from 1 Hundred (They had been around in previous hunts too, but Kitty assured you it is not related to a particular Spartan story...)

Let's Meet is exactly like the name suggest, a casual and fun outfit for meet ups and casual events. It comes in 2 colors and Kitty had picked to show you the Fuschia version.

Whether it is a walk in dusk at the beach or even breakfast at the cafe, this outfit feels like just the one that let you relax and let you hair down. You might start to ask, how much is this outfit? Well, didn't Kitty mentioned that this is FREE? Yes. And it is MESH too, supporting most MESH body! Of course, there is the non MESH version in the package as well.

Here is Kitty with the non MESH version just to show you that is fits too. Kitty like this color combination because reddish and black is always here favorite. Care for some ice-cream? OF course you are paying, because Kitty is cute in this outfit!

The MESH version is simple with a HUD and you actually do not need to wear anything else except the HID and just apply accordingly. There is Omega support too if you prefer that. Looks like a good day for some sun and Let's Meet is going to give your skin plenty of Vitamin D right?

Well, Kitty did mentioned that there is another version right? This is the Blue. This is in the same package as well, so you get them all.

Well, where do you get it? You will find this under "Women Casual" after you walk around the wall and straight ahead at Free Dove:

Visit 1 Hundred Main Store for more:

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