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Bare Rose Turtle Flare Mr

The Turtle Flare is a Maitreya MESH dress from Bare Rose and it comes in 3 colors in the package with some extras!

This is not just a dress, but a full outfit. The Turtle Flare is a tight necked dress and comes complete with a pair of high leather boots. There is also necklace and a pair of earrings in the same package. This is the pink version and Kitty think most girls will try this first right?

Sometimes when pink is just not quite flashy enough, there is always the bright yellow. It is definitely a show stealer! The short dress is also a perfect time to relax and just be playful around.

If flashy is not the mood, there is always grey which is just plain and would probably let you blend into most crowd without getting too much attention. Did you also notice that there is a cute earring too? Yes, that is part of the Turtle Flare too. Because this outfit is designed specially for Maitreya, it also comes with a Maitreya Autohide which with 1 click remove all overlaying spot. Neat!

You can find the Turtle Flare at Bare Rose Main store as well as other version of this for other bodies:


Petit Chat Amy Earmuffs

The Amy Earmuffs is a special item at the special The Hidden Chapter event and it is like the Amy Necklace and Earrings, it has a cute heart shape as its logo. 

The Earmuffs comes with a simple HUD which allows you to change the colors of the heart and the main head strap. Kitty put this onto her default pinkish hair with the pinkish Amy Earmuffs. Did it blends in too well?

No worries. Kitty has prepare another photo which she is wearing a black hair and how do you see the Earmuff clear and bright? The color is natural looking and it must feel so comfortable you can even mistake it for part of the hair.

The Amy Earmuff is available at The Hidden Chapter event:


Sin Mystery Hunt

The Sin Mystery Hunt is a short and fun hunt with only 8 shops and all of them are working, verified by Kitty!

Start your hunt today by following the LM here:


Brii Dressed to Love Hunt

Brii Underground is having Dressed to Love Hunt for Feb 2018 and there are 21 very sexy lingerie and outfit perfect for the coming Valentine's Day!

Start your hunt today, but get ready your purse because each item is at $2L:


Petit Chat Amy Necklace and Earrings

The Amy Necklace and Earrings from Petit Chat are available at The Chapter Four event now and it has a cute little heart made from colorful beads.

One thing about the earrings is that most of them all really very small and take a real close look to see them. This is however not true for Amy as the heart shape on it is so prominent that you can see it even from a distance. Can you spot it on Kitty? Time for a new pair of glasses?

The hollow heart shaped is the center of the Amy necklace as well and it can be made to have different colors based on the HUD (one for the earrings and one for the necklace) provided. There are many different colors combinations you can make from this and do not forget you can chance the metal color as well. 

The Chapter Four is a fashion event held regularly showcasing the latest in fashion from various designers. Find the Amy Necklace and Earrings at the Petit Chat booth inside:

Petit Chat Kate Jewelry

The Kate Jewelry set consists of a pair of bracelets, a pair of earrings and a necklace. This is the latest release from Petit Chat for The Secert Garden Event.

The HUD is universal and can control the different jewelry separately without the need to add and remove them while customizing their colors. There are a lot of choices to change the various beads and metal and here is the example of the necklace. Look at that palette of colors! 

The earrings is small, not too huge and to make up for it, it is long so that it can be easily spotted. There are cute beads on it which makes it really fun to change the colors on it.

The bracelet is simple, not overly complex and is basically made of metal and beads too. Of course this can be change with the HUD as well. There are different set of colors and also there is an option to either wear the Left and Right separately as together as a pair when it comes to color changing.

A set of jewelry is never complete without the necklace and this is exactly the center of attraction for the Kate jewlery. The necklace consists of 3 rows of beads connected together and you can make it looks as lovely as you want to. Do you think the necklace goes well with Kitty's hair?

The Kate Jewelry is available at Petit Chat's booth at The Secret Garden:

LR Teeth Bow

The Teeth Bow is a quite a unique looking bow from LR Weapon and this is the bow second weapon on sale at the We Love Roleplay event now.

Let's have a look what is available on the HUD which you can change. Looks like there are quite a few components on this one which you can adjust to make it unique! From the decor to teeth to quivers, there are a lot of choices here.

While the teeth looks dangerous, it is quite comfortable sheath on the back though. It is a good design to make it far away from your back. Also, if these are teeth, I wondered what sort of animals it came from... Is it still in the jungle? Not to worry, Kitty will protect you, with 2 full quivers of arrows.

Here is a close up in case you are wondering if the teeth is fake. Trust me, you do not want to have a slash of this onto your pretty face... It would be ugly, literally. Also notice how details the texture are and the arrows were. I wish someday they would allow arrows with payload such as explosive or poison... Put that down on Santa's wish list for 2018. :)

Let's give the bow a shot. Because of the advance scripting LR uses, the bow has no lag and fires rapidly arrows after arrows. And let you in on a secret, the quiver is magically too! Blessed by the ancient Maya gods, the quiver will always be full. Infinite ammo? Yes! So think again before crossing someone with the Teeth Bow.

You can get the Teeth Bow at a 25% discount now at the We Love Roleplay event:


LR Eternal Blowdart

LR weapons has 2 items at the We Love Roleplay event this month and one of them is a innocent looking pipe, which shoots deadly darts. Pretty for hunting bad things of course.

The HUD is simple to use and has 4 parts for you to customize to suit what you need. There is the standard resize and the parts now even has build in support for tinting it to any of the hundred of colors.

The Eternal Blowdart can be played as slave or dart damage and doesn't it look so innocent. But rest assured that even without the dart, it can be very painful if you get hit by this on your head. :)

The Blowdart is nicely sheath on your thigh and this is display to let you see where it goes. If you are wearing a long skirt or alike, this will be well hidden. Deadly isn't it. LR weapons is almost like quickdraw so you can be assured that it can be quickly pulled out and shot if necessary. I hope you do not make it necessary for Kitty to use this on you.

Pay not the full $600L now and get it at only 75% at the We Love Roleplay Event today:

Bliss Maia Stockings

The Maia is another stocking from Bliss featured at the Dazzle February. Like the Bree stockings, this comes with 5 colors in Light and Dark.  

Here is the close up of the Light blue Maia and it too feature similar strings like Bree, but instead of a ribbon on the top, there are laces with patterns.

And here is the side view of the Maia and you can see the laces binds the strings together in a nice strips all the way from the thigh to the ankle. There patterns of flowers can also be seen here on the side near the top.

The Maia is also only available at the Dazzle event now at:

Bliss Bree Stockings

The Bree Stockings from Bliss is a sexy companion to the a fine piece of Lingerie such as those from Bliss. It comes in 10 colors split by Dark and Light as shown here.

Here is Kitty wearing the Bree Stockings Light yellow with the Kaila Lingerie from the previous post:

The color were designed to be matching so if you have both, you bet you will be on firey sexy with matching pieces.

There are pieces of ribbons and like criss-crossed strings on the top of the stocks winding to complex patterns at the bottom. Here is a close up of the Dark red. This would had been a really nice Christmas stockings... Well, there is always the next one.

Again, this is only available at the Dazzle for now at:


Bliss Kaila Lingerie

This is a piece of lingerie from Bliss and it is omega compatible. In fact, there is nothing to wear at all except the omega applier, applies it to your mesh body and you are done. You can even remove the HUD. That is just how light the Kaila Lingerie is!

There are 2 sets of color as indicated above and Kitty is showing you the Dark set, which features 5 colors and you know black is always one of Kitty's favorite. I bet it almost feel like you are wearing nothing. The best way to enjoy your naps.

The Light set also contains 5 colors and here is the pink. Because the various pieces are applied separately, you can actually wear different colors if you like. But the pink Kaila sure does goes well with Kitty's new hair right?

And here is the back of the lingerie. It fits the Maitreya body which Kitty is wearing now perfectly because it applies through the omega appliers.

The Kaila Lingerie is available at the Bliss booth at the Dazzle event now:

Or visit Bliss at The Wash for more great deals:


Smooching Serpents F*cked Up

Once in a while, there might be a scenario where a clean beautiful bed is exactly NOT the bed you required, but rather a dirty, broken down make shift bed in a abandoned warehouse... Then the F*cked Up from Smooching Serpent is the bed that comes to mind.

The bed is high suitable for most hobo scenes and do you believe it, there is even a ambiance where there are pizzas, beers and TV, even on the broken down mattresses just placed onto pallets and pipes. 

One thing really fantastic about Smooching Serpent is that usually that is not the only design and this applies to F*cked Up as well. Besides the different colors and textures on the pillows, blankets, pipes and pallets, there are options to totally change the scene using the Ambiance menu. There are options for flowers, candles and even this one with fruits and trees. This so totally goes into some secret garden somewhere.

F*cked Up is still a BDSM bed so except plenty of equipment and the optional equipment is not just rezzed for decorations. All the items you see here, just click on it to get the item for some punishment.

In the case where a very resistance scene if required, there is even a cage which you can ensure your victim is trapped beyond hope.

There are also some additional props with their separated menu, including a armchair where there are menu from lap dances to tasting acrobatics. There is also a crate which you would not see every day. It would really be tight getting trapped inside this one.

Not all the actions need to take place on the bed, there is a frame which can be rezzed using the same pipe and even the cuffs are provided from the equipment above. There are so many menu for animations you will be spoil with all sort of fun from soft to really hardcore actions.

Visit Smooching Serpents to try out the F*cked Up :

Or simply buy it from Market Place:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.