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Bare Rose Ouhirume Mr

Once in a while, Bare Rose will release a fantastic oriental goddess outfit and the Ouhirume is the one for this month. There is something really special about this outfit... Why go to the shrine when you can bring the shrine to you? There is a full environment of shrine and artifact that accompany wherever you go to!

This is the full set of accessories, complete with Maitreya Autohide is you are on the Mr MESH edition. Just the environment is already so impressive it is the center of attraction.

The outfit comes complete with everything you see here from the head to toe and even the rotating aura is part of the outfit of Ouhirume.

Here is a more serious look of the goddess and you can tell how much details there is on the outfit. Is Kitty the goddess you had always wish to meet?

The Halo rotates on its own and it is so bright that the night will never be dark again. Also notice the nice great ribbon which is both cute and so iconic of Japanese outfit. If you look close enough, you might notice that Kitty is still the cat in a goddess costume though. But You won't mid would you?

Get the Ouhirume and be the goddess you always wanted to be today from Bare Rose Main Store:

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