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Bare Rose Lady Thorn C4

When a item goes into version 4, you can be sure it is popular! The same can be said for Lady Thorn C4, which of course had undergone C1...C3 before. And this time it is in a pink / magenta color with a high detailed ball dress. 

Going for a ball dance or nobles fair soon? The Lady Thorn is definitely going to make an impression. Why this is call Lady Thorn could be that it got inspiration from the Rose. That is Kitty's guess anyway. But notice the thorny vines on the dress, it does makes Kitty look like the most beautiful rose in the garden.

There will be no justice if Kitty does not show you a close up of the sleeves and beautiful texture on the dress. So here it is. Does the dress feel like petals of a Rose?

Speaking of Rose, do you notice there is a big Rose right in the center as the chest piece of the dress? Guess that literally makes Kitty the Rose Princess. not convinced? The cute tiara on Kitty's hair should be enough an evidence.

The Lady Thorn C4 is available at Bare Rose and although this is not the Mr version, Kitty had it on her Maitreya body, so it would work, rest assured. Grab it now:

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