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Bare Rose Battle Sailor

The Battle Sailor is one of the latest release from Bare Rose and it is a combination of a sailor school uniform with a battle outfit. It comes in 2 colors as well in the same package.

If you first impression of a battle outfit is going to be bulky, ugly and such, you should be surprised here because it has all the cuteness of the school uniform from high stockings to cute ribbons from head to...,well not toe, but at least to the kneel.

The Battle Sailor also features very high flowing dress which makes it easy to move around in sporty activities. However, Kitty find that it can be really sexy too at times. Especially on a windy day.

What is battle without the weapon. Kitty had decided that posing with katana is a good way to show you how the outfit is going to look and it is a total killer, literally. All components you see here are in the outfit, except the katanas of course.

There are 2 version of the outfit, one in purple which you had seen above and the other in red here. Look at the huge ribbon. I bet you have the urge to pull it, but do remember this is the Battle Sailor... pull at your own risk.

You can find the Battle Sailor at Bare Rose along with other variations, such as for LOLA, flat etc:

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