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Petit Chat My Lil Comb Group Gift

If you visited Petit Chat recently you will find this little house... No, no.... It's not made of candies.... But it is still full of goodies inside. And there is a new item that had never been released before inside!

Can you guess which item is that? The most standing out item? Yes, it is the comb! Petit Chat call this My Lil Comb and it can be worn in various positions on your hair.

My Lil Comb also comes with many colors with the help of the HUD. Look at a purple one which matches the ornaments on Kitty's hair. You might have even think it came together as a set.

Although it is a comb, the surprising part is that when inserted in to the hair, it looks rather natural and have some part of it covered. Hmmph... You know this looks almost like a weapon.... Giggles...

Here is the HUD that gives it all the different look, with customizations to the metal, plastic and deco. Have fun with this!

This is a FREE item, but you need to find it inside the little house by checking for mouses (if you have the group) or hamsters otherwise. Hint : Those 2 on the Windows are NOT, but the hunt is working... Just not those two there...

Find them at Petit Chat Main Store:

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