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Petit Chat Beads and Strings Bracelet

The Beads and Strings is a new Bracelet from Petit Chat series of Jewelery and it is the item you will find from the Inspiration Event.

There are multiple parts of the Bracelet which you can make changes to using the build in HUD and you can choose from a arrays of different color for each. This give you lots of changes to the Bracelet that you can wear it like a different bracelet each day. What is more? You have 2 Bracelets which you wear on your left and right hand and they can be customized separately giving you even more choices to mix and match.

Kitty has done up two different colors which is her favorite and you can tell very distinctly because of the color contrast. I bet you will find some color you like most too. 

Here is another view of the Beads and Strings Bracelet. Of course since they are separately, you can choose to wear only the left or the right bracelet as well. But the Beads and Strings itself feels comfortable and does not seems to steal the show from your outfit of course.

The Beads and Strings Bracelet will be at the Inspiration Event until March 2018 and it is being sold for only $135L:

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