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LR Serpent Sword

The Serpent Sword is the other release for the We Love Roleplay event by LR Weapons and it comes with a huge shield as well for your left hand.

What walks quiet with a sharp sword and carries a huge shield? That is Kitty with the LR Serpent Sword!

The Serpent Sword sheath nicely on your thigh and the huge Serpent Shield feels almost weightless on your back when you carries it around. But at least it should prevent someone from taking a shot at Kitty from the back without warning.

The Shield and Sword get drawn together with one command and immediately , Kitty is in action. The Sword has dual damage and comes complete with sound and 17 animations.

Like most other LR weapons this comes complete with a HUD for resizing and coloring the items with the texture of your choice. Play around with it and you might find something that goes well with your outfit!

The best thing is that this is 25% off at the We Love Roleplay event and you can get both the Serpent Sword as well as the Serpent Bow together for a great price.

Visit the We Love Roleplay event:

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