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LR Serpent Bow

The Serpent Bow is one of the item featured at the I Love Roleplay Event for Dec 2017 and there is another companion item at the event too! The bow has a smooth finishing and with Secure Code, it prevent cheating and even feature 9 bank memories. 

The Bow is one of Kitty's favorite and it comes with a very pretty leather quiver for both your back or thigh. Perfect for pulling the arrows in a quick situation. The back quiver feels like and has curving of the serpent on the fine leather.

The Thigh quiver feather the same quality and the bow itself is curve shaped, thus the name Serpent.

When not in use, the bow seated nicely over the shoulder on the back and it does not look awkward for Kitty at all. Seems like the perfect weapon for all situation.

The HUD allow your to customized the 4 components on the bow as well as the size and color.

Get the Serpent Bow at 25% off at the I Love Roleplay Event:

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