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LR Samur Katana

There is another Katana release from LR which is a simple but effective weapon for use in DCS or CCS sims. This Katana comes with a HUD allowing you to change color and you can also sheath this beautiful blade in 4 locations or even all of them at once!

There are 2 position on the back and one on each side on your waist. Perfect for the average schoolgirl. NOT! :P

Here is a good view of the Katana on the back. Notice that you can make the Katana in different color! Do you know how to do that?

Do not under estimate the power of the Samur Katana, it is sharp and strong. Build with the power of LR most advance low lag and high performance engine. Your enemy will not see what is coming.

This is the HUD which allow your to change and make many different and beautiful Samur Katana. More than enough to frighten anyone I suppose.

Not convinced? Try fight with Kitty with her twin Samur Katana? Well, actually one of the is more like a shield though, but it looks scary anyway.

Get your very own Samur at 25% at the I Love Roleplay Event now:

Watch for a special $50L item there too!

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