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Bare Rose Winter Treasure Hunt 2017

Bare Rose is running the Winter Treasure Hunt until 7 Jan 2018 and the prize is this totally stunning outfit which Kitty is trying out for you here. Both the male and female version (with optional flat, lola) included.

The hunt will bring you to 4 locations and you will meet fantastic beasts such as this dragon. Fortunately no fighting is necessary (but be quick on running though... you will need it!)

Fortunately Kitty is an angel now and now many thing can really be too much of a worries. The 4 treasure is hidden across various skyboxes which looks fantastic even on its own. 

If you think that you are to it, there is even a 5th secret box with the clue above. Since you are a good reader of Kitty's diary, Kitty will give you an additional clue : Open your World Map (Ctrl-M on Firestorm)

Start Winter Treasure Hunt at Bare Rose Main Store:

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