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Bare Rose Chameal Lady Mr

The Chameal Lady Mr is the latest release from Bare Rose and it feature a angelic outfit with a powerful aura and all in mesh version. This version is made for the Maitreya Body Lara and Kitty is going to show you today!

The outfit comes with some very unique feature for those of you who ever wanted to be an angel. There is a halo, a pair of featured wings an a powerful angelic sword to top it all.

Here is a close up to show you the details of the wings as well as the halo. The outfit combines the looks from greek and oriental looks because it comes with the laces often seen in celestial beings. The wings are highly detail and if you search on the marketplace, you can find just wings alone which cost a lot more and yet not as detail as this. Just for the wings, this outfit is already worth more than it is.

Kitty may be too late in saving this world, but it is not too late for you if you get the outfit fast! See those majestic wings in action. This makes Arch Angel (from X-Men) looks bad. 

The Maitreya Auto Hide function implemented by Bare Rose is so easy to use that it is just a matter of wearing it and all the required portion of the Maitreya body is hidden nicely so that it does not mess around with the outfit. Anyway seen the bad guys around, Kitty is ready to give them a taste of the sword!

Get the Chameal Lady MR (and other versions) at Bare Rose Main Store:

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