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Smooching Serpents Saray Sins

The Saray Sins from Smooching Serpent is a wonder piece of sex furniture which is a art on its own with a very customizable rug and option bondage rig overhead.

The Saray Sins comes with a lot of components from the bolster, 4 different types of pillows and the carpet itself. Each of the pillows have about 9 different textures to choose from. There are also lights which you can choose to turn on of off depending on your mood.

Although this is a sex furniture, it doesn't have to be strictly sex. You can hang around with your friends for a cup of tea or two even. This sits multiple avatars of course. Nobody will be left standing. 

If hooka is your think, come share it with Kitty because if the Caterpillar do it, so can you. Just chill and talk is always an option.

Well, the real fun of course are the adult menus on this rug, which supports from solo, couples, 3some and 4some, so there are plenty of choices for you to choose from. Once the overhead rig is rez, bondage fun begins.

Like all other Smooching Serpents items, the cuff comes free. All you have to is to get it from the menu and it would look good totally binding you to the device in a realistic posture. There are also 3 different groups of bondage on the rig each other a dozen or so high detail animations.

In the mood for some spider action hovering? The third set of bondage feature highly acrobatic sexual animation which should not be easily attempted in RL without special training.

Of course nobody said you must try something hardcore or different. The good old cuddling and soft plays are also supported and there are lots of action build into the rug. In addition, there are 3some and 4some poses for those big orgy parties you might be planning.

Get the Saray Sins at the marketplace:

Or, if you want to see it to believe it, there is one at the Smooching Serpent store:

And you should grab the FREE Morphing Room too since you re there!

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