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Petit Chat Seeds of Metal

Seeds of Metal is the latest addition to The Chapter Four event from Petit Chat and it comes as a pair of Bracelets and a Necklace all in metal style. Not the heavy one though.

Here is a overview where you can see the little pearls of metal on Kitty. The necklace comes with a long or short version depending on what you prefer. This is the long version she is wearing now.

The HUD allows you to customized the color of the metal and you can actually customized the necklace, left and right bracelet to different color. Hint : Wear them, customized, detach them.

Here is a closer view of the necklace and the bracelets. Small it might be, but definitely shines in the light. No photoshop trick.

Well, where can you get this? It's at the Chapter Four event of course! Go right in and find the Petit Chat Booth:

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