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LR Nyodur Axe

The Nyodur Axe is the latest release from LR Weapons and it is a huge wooden handle axe which 4 different damage capability. When Kitty got hold of this axe, the first thought is to shoot the photo as a female barbarian or a viking. But then another thought came into her mind and you will be show a very different way to use this axe in this post.
Before we go into the use of the axe, let's have a look what we can customized using the include HUD. The handle can be made from 2 type of wood and the laces and blade can also be change slightly for your preference. Of course, if size is an issue, feel free to make the change here as well.

Bet you never expect Kitty to be bring the axe to school. You see there is a hidden werewolf in class and it has gotten many of the students and her friends. Extreme time takes extreme measures and there is no better weapon against the werewolf as the silver coated axe. While walking around, you might not want to poke your friends though. So there lies the axe, comfortable on Kitty's back while not in use.

And here we have a good view of the axe in sheath mode. It sure does not look as heavy as it seems to be.

But make no mistake, when there is a need for the axe, Kitty can quickly draw and chop at the same time thanks to the zero lag weapon system in LR Weapons.

Here is a close up of the axe. Doesn't it feel dangerous? Ok, we got it cornered now. It's time to go in!

You can get your own LR Nyodur Axe at the We Love Roleplay event and even a good 25% off:

Or visit the LR Main Store after the event:

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