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Bare Rose HokaVest Seifuku Mr

The HokaVest Seifuku Mr is a school uniform for the Maitreya Mesh body from Bare Rose and this outfit comes with all 3 colors combinations in 1 purchase!

The school uniform includes all you see here from the high boots to the glasses which really makes you look cute but its entirely optional. The 3 different colors are of the ribbon on your chest and the mini skirt. This is the blue version which goes nicely with the jacket.

Here is the Brown ribbon and skirt. At the end of this post, Kitty will show you her favorite combinations, but before that can you guess it? Together in this package, there is an Applier HUD for the Maitreya which puts on the high boots easily without any issues. There is also a AutoHide attachment for the Maitreya which remove all the little area and you do not need to do anything customized hiding. Look at Kitty lying down and you can tell with the AutoHide, it makes the outfit works in any difficult positions.

And here is the red version of the ribbon and skirt. Kitty thinks this is really cute and is very close to real school uniform. The added glasses kind of make Kitty looks a little nerdy, but that is exactly how a normal student look like right? Kitty is really wondering if she forgotten something to bring to school. OMG, can it be the lunch box?

Come take a seat with Kitty here on the bench... and share your bento with her because she had forgotten hers. But a she promise, here is her favorite combination, blue skirt and red ribbon. Did you manage to guess it?

Let's go back to school, but first, get your HokaVest Seifuku at Bare Rose:

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