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Bare Rose Harper Mr

Harper Mr is a new Mesh release from Bare Rose and it comes with a lot of combinations of colors. There are 4 colors for the top, 2 for the pants and even the scarf has 3. So if you do the maths, that 20 combinations to go!

Nothing like a comfortable outfit for the seaside and this outfit even comes with a pair of sunglasses in case the sun was really strong. Of course, you would have also notice that the long boots is also a good idea from getting Kitty wet. If dark is what you like, you can try this combo out with the green top, dark scarf and pants.

If you prefer something flashy, you can always try this combinations with a bright orange scarf, but keep everything else darker. Just hope the seagull does not think the scarf is some sort of orange tuna or something...

How about a red top to bring out the feminine side and with a pair of white pants, it sure give a refreshing pure and clean look right? Ice-cream, anyone?

I mentioned 4 tops right, so here is the last one and it is the brightest one! The yellow top is definitely going to bring you a happy and cheerful day! It does goes very well with the orange scarf too!

Get the Harper Mr at Bare Roese Main Store:

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