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Bare Rose Fringe Vest Mr

You know its never too late to try to look 70s with a flowery dress, a headband and Bellbottoms pants! This is exactly what you can do with the Fringe Vest Mr from Bare Rose and it comes with 2 different colors each for the dress, the pants as well as the vest.

The casual looking outfit is great for all your 70s concert on stage or off stage. You just can't get any better to bring back those glory days.

A close up view will show you all the flower power build into the cute pink dress and it comes with the laced choker and matching hand bands too! Together with the blue jeans, this is just the classics!

If Blue and Pink is not your thing, there is always another set available in Brown tones and not as flashy but just as nostalgic. And did you finally notice those shiny shoes? And it doesn't cost you a dime at the shoe shine!

Get into the feels of the good old days once again by getting the Fringe Vest Mr from Bare Rose:

You should be able to find this at the new released boards.

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