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Hairology 2nd Anniversary

Hairology is having their 2nd Anniversary and there are free hair for everyone!

It is simple to find the hair, just look for a cake which looks like this one but much smaller in each of the store and buy that. It will be $0L and it contains a free hair from each of the vendors!

Start grabbing the free hair at:


Bare Rose HokaVest Seifuku Mr

The HokaVest Seifuku Mr is a school uniform for the Maitreya Mesh body from Bare Rose and this outfit comes with all 3 colors combinations in 1 purchase!

The school uniform includes all you see here from the high boots to the glasses which really makes you look cute but its entirely optional. The 3 different colors are of the ribbon on your chest and the mini skirt. This is the blue version which goes nicely with the jacket.

Here is the Brown ribbon and skirt. At the end of this post, Kitty will show you her favorite combinations, but before that can you guess it? Together in this package, there is an Applier HUD for the Maitreya which puts on the high boots easily without any issues. There is also a AutoHide attachment for the Maitreya which remove all the little area and you do not need to do anything customized hiding. Look at Kitty lying down and you can tell with the AutoHide, it makes the outfit works in any difficult positions.

And here is the red version of the ribbon and skirt. Kitty thinks this is really cute and is very close to real school uniform. The added glasses kind of make Kitty looks a little nerdy, but that is exactly how a normal student look like right? Kitty is really wondering if she forgotten something to bring to school. OMG, can it be the lunch box?

Come take a seat with Kitty here on the bench... and share your bento with her because she had forgotten hers. But a she promise, here is her favorite combination, blue skirt and red ribbon. Did you manage to guess it?

Let's go back to school, but first, get your HokaVest Seifuku at Bare Rose:


LR Nyodur Axe

The Nyodur Axe is the latest release from LR Weapons and it is a huge wooden handle axe which 4 different damage capability. When Kitty got hold of this axe, the first thought is to shoot the photo as a female barbarian or a viking. But then another thought came into her mind and you will be show a very different way to use this axe in this post.
Before we go into the use of the axe, let's have a look what we can customized using the include HUD. The handle can be made from 2 type of wood and the laces and blade can also be change slightly for your preference. Of course, if size is an issue, feel free to make the change here as well.

Bet you never expect Kitty to be bring the axe to school. You see there is a hidden werewolf in class and it has gotten many of the students and her friends. Extreme time takes extreme measures and there is no better weapon against the werewolf as the silver coated axe. While walking around, you might not want to poke your friends though. So there lies the axe, comfortable on Kitty's back while not in use.

And here we have a good view of the axe in sheath mode. It sure does not look as heavy as it seems to be.

But make no mistake, when there is a need for the axe, Kitty can quickly draw and chop at the same time thanks to the zero lag weapon system in LR Weapons.

Here is a close up of the axe. Doesn't it feel dangerous? Ok, we got it cornered now. It's time to go in!

You can get your own LR Nyodur Axe at the We Love Roleplay event and even a good 25% off:

Or visit the LR Main Store after the event:


Smooching Serpents Saray Sins

The Saray Sins from Smooching Serpent is a wonder piece of sex furniture which is a art on its own with a very customizable rug and option bondage rig overhead.

The Saray Sins comes with a lot of components from the bolster, 4 different types of pillows and the carpet itself. Each of the pillows have about 9 different textures to choose from. There are also lights which you can choose to turn on of off depending on your mood.

Although this is a sex furniture, it doesn't have to be strictly sex. You can hang around with your friends for a cup of tea or two even. This sits multiple avatars of course. Nobody will be left standing. 

If hooka is your think, come share it with Kitty because if the Caterpillar do it, so can you. Just chill and talk is always an option.

Well, the real fun of course are the adult menus on this rug, which supports from solo, couples, 3some and 4some, so there are plenty of choices for you to choose from. Once the overhead rig is rez, bondage fun begins.

Like all other Smooching Serpents items, the cuff comes free. All you have to is to get it from the menu and it would look good totally binding you to the device in a realistic posture. There are also 3 different groups of bondage on the rig each other a dozen or so high detail animations.

In the mood for some spider action hovering? The third set of bondage feature highly acrobatic sexual animation which should not be easily attempted in RL without special training.

Of course nobody said you must try something hardcore or different. The good old cuddling and soft plays are also supported and there are lots of action build into the rug. In addition, there are 3some and 4some poses for those big orgy parties you might be planning.

Get the Saray Sins at the marketplace:

Or, if you want to see it to believe it, there is one at the Smooching Serpent store:

And you should grab the FREE Morphing Room too since you re there!


Bare Rose Harper Mr

Harper Mr is a new Mesh release from Bare Rose and it comes with a lot of combinations of colors. There are 4 colors for the top, 2 for the pants and even the scarf has 3. So if you do the maths, that 20 combinations to go!

Nothing like a comfortable outfit for the seaside and this outfit even comes with a pair of sunglasses in case the sun was really strong. Of course, you would have also notice that the long boots is also a good idea from getting Kitty wet. If dark is what you like, you can try this combo out with the green top, dark scarf and pants.

If you prefer something flashy, you can always try this combinations with a bright orange scarf, but keep everything else darker. Just hope the seagull does not think the scarf is some sort of orange tuna or something...

How about a red top to bring out the feminine side and with a pair of white pants, it sure give a refreshing pure and clean look right? Ice-cream, anyone?

I mentioned 4 tops right, so here is the last one and it is the brightest one! The yellow top is definitely going to bring you a happy and cheerful day! It does goes very well with the orange scarf too!

Get the Harper Mr at Bare Roese Main Store:

Petit Chat Skipper

The Skipper is the presentation of Petit Chat at The Secret Garden event.

The Skipper has nothing to do with sailing or the penguins from some African area though. Skipper is actually a family of butterflies and they are represented as a nice necklace and a pair of necklace with a customizable HUD.

The Skipper has several parts that can be customized to different colors so definitely you can find something that matches what you are wearing. 

Here is a good view of the necklace and the earrings. The good part is that these butterflies is here to stay and will not be flying off anytime soon. 

The Skipper is available for a limited time at The Secret Garden:

Petit Chat Seeds of Metal

Seeds of Metal is the latest addition to The Chapter Four event from Petit Chat and it comes as a pair of Bracelets and a Necklace all in metal style. Not the heavy one though.

Here is a overview where you can see the little pearls of metal on Kitty. The necklace comes with a long or short version depending on what you prefer. This is the long version she is wearing now.

The HUD allows you to customized the color of the metal and you can actually customized the necklace, left and right bracelet to different color. Hint : Wear them, customized, detach them.

Here is a closer view of the necklace and the bracelets. Small it might be, but definitely shines in the light. No photoshop trick.

Well, where can you get this? It's at the Chapter Four event of course! Go right in and find the Petit Chat Booth:


Brii The School Girl Hunt

The School Girl Hunt organized by Brii Underground Wear is on and its time to get back to school with 10 outfit at $2L each.

Start your hunt today at Brii Main Store:

Bare Rose Riden MR

Riden Mr is a Mesh complete outfit with a mini skirt in 3 different color for the Maitreya Lara body from Bare Rose.

The outfit consist of a leather jacket and boots with stockings. Other than the skirt itself, this is quite weather proof. The Red skirt goes nicely with the dark color of the outfit and because this is designed for the Maitreya body, it fits nicely and easily.

If red is too flashy for you you can always try the pink version is is lighter but still pack enough cuteness it in for this outfit to look both trendy and fun. So, which of these cars do you think goes well with this dress?

There is also a blue version of the dress and you do not need to pay for them separately as they all come in the same pack. Have you notice how cute this stockings is? Yes, there are laces on the top and it both feels comfortable and fun. Guess Kitty will be taking a bus after all...

You can find the Riden at hte latest Mesh section at Bare Rose:


Bare Rose Maqura Mr

The Maqura Mr is the latest fantasy theme mesh outfit for the Maitreya from Bare Rose and it comes with support for the wings too!

Come have a seat with Kitty? The Maqura can look totally fantastic especially if you have great legs like Kitty. If you can come closer, you can even see the little wings on her back flapping in joy.

The Maqura is suitable for most occasions from princess ball to fighting fantasy role play and it comes with the full set you see here including the stunning headband and cute huge blue shoe.

Here is a close up of the outfit and notice all the details on the sleeves and dress. Best of all, like most other Mesh outfit from Bare Rose, it comes with a Maitreya Hider whichmakes the outfit just fit with 1 simple click.

Get your own Maqura Mr today at Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Fringe Vest Mr

You know its never too late to try to look 70s with a flowery dress, a headband and Bellbottoms pants! This is exactly what you can do with the Fringe Vest Mr from Bare Rose and it comes with 2 different colors each for the dress, the pants as well as the vest.

The casual looking outfit is great for all your 70s concert on stage or off stage. You just can't get any better to bring back those glory days.

A close up view will show you all the flower power build into the cute pink dress and it comes with the laced choker and matching hand bands too! Together with the blue jeans, this is just the classics!

If Blue and Pink is not your thing, there is always another set available in Brown tones and not as flashy but just as nostalgic. And did you finally notice those shiny shoes? And it doesn't cost you a dime at the shoe shine!

Get into the feels of the good old days once again by getting the Fringe Vest Mr from Bare Rose:

You should be able to find this at the new released boards.


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.