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Botanica 7th Annual Haunted Corn Maze

Botantica is having their 7th Annual Corn Maze Treasure Hunt for this Halloween again. Yes, its FREE as before and there are 21 stops and prizes now. But be prepared to die... a lot of times!

The grand prize will be your ride for this Halloween and I believe if you had play in previous years, it could be the same one. But then the fun will still be there... Just looked at what you made Kitty do...

This might not really work... It could attract more birds in fact...

Aren't Kitty really HOT now?

Wait! I am not the doll, you are! Stop poking me with the needle!

I will call you back... Kind of in a sticky situation now...

But... You said soup... Why am I IN the soup???

Whatever you are planning... It's too late.

Well, I guess... Kitty. Corn field. Big Axe?

Of course, not all if gruesome. There are lots of fun too.

How about a dance with the dead ?

Or read your fortune with the famous gyspy. Wait, What? I am going to die today? Oh right, yes I did. Giggles.

Damn apples. What does a lady have to do to eat an apple. I bet Eve did not have to do this...

Well, come join in the fun todat at Botanica:

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