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Botanica 7th Annual Haunted Corn Maze

Botantica is having their 7th Annual Corn Maze Treasure Hunt for this Halloween again. Yes, its FREE as before and there are 21 stops and prizes now. But be prepared to die... a lot of times!

The grand prize will be your ride for this Halloween and I believe if you had play in previous years, it could be the same one. But then the fun will still be there... Just looked at what you made Kitty do...

This might not really work... It could attract more birds in fact...

Aren't Kitty really HOT now?

Wait! I am not the doll, you are! Stop poking me with the needle!

I will call you back... Kind of in a sticky situation now...

But... You said soup... Why am I IN the soup???

Whatever you are planning... It's too late.

Well, I guess... Kitty. Corn field. Big Axe?

Of course, not all if gruesome. There are lots of fun too.

How about a dance with the dead ?

Or read your fortune with the famous gyspy. Wait, What? I am going to die today? Oh right, yes I did. Giggles.

Damn apples. What does a lady have to do to eat an apple. I bet Eve did not have to do this...

Well, come join in the fun todat at Botanica:

The Bloodcroft Hunt

The Bloodcroft Hunt is organized by Deathrow Design and it is a free hunt with fantastic prizes.

If you completed the hunt, you will get all 12 items listed here and this is quite a complete kit against vampire apocalypse.

In the hunt, you are suppose to hunt down the minions of the dread Bloodcroft and this is how one of them look like in case you are wondering what you need to be searching for. Yes, it is the upside down bat on the tree.

To start you hunt, you need to get the Free HUD at :

Trick or Treat Lane

The Trick or Treat Lane event runs until 3 Nov 2017 and why Kitty wants you to be there is that EVERY single of the store there is giving away a free gift!

You get all sort of items from creepy spiders like the one in the picture to gift vouchers. But of course you get to see them before you decide if you want this FREE gift! WEll, nobody will stop you if you take a few either... geezz

Come join Kitty in raiding the free gift or shopping along the Halloween themed streets of shops:


Smooching Serpents Wayward Lay

The Wayward Lay from Smooching Serpent is one of the best raft you can find in secondlife with sex and romance menu. In fact, this raft has all that you need for a great evening that you can practically float right on it for the whole night and you will see why soon enough.

Before I even begin with the functionality, there are 2 main components which can be changed which are the pillows and the blanket. I do not know about you, but the thing about furnitures is that you need to free new all the time and there are lots of options for you to play around with this and here are only some of them.

The Wayward Lay features lots of things and one thing is that it has a good variety of menu for all sort of situation, even solo. Want to just relax and let the water bring you where it goes?

There is option to make the Raft raft really realistic with the water as you can see here, it is partially submerged just like what wood would do on water. In fact, there are lots of poses which you can just sit by the raft and enjoy yourself or with a friends or even 2. Don't mind Kitty kicking at the water as this flows slowly down the stream.

Even a swim is not overboard with this fantastic raft. It makes you really want to have an adventure with Kitty on the slow river? Remember to bring your picnic basket too! The animation are really life like and if you had Smooching Serpents furnitures before you will know exactly what I mean.

Of couse this is an adult raft, so expect lots of option for sex and even really hardcore ones. Bondage is something that come build in too, with the included ropes you will find that getting trapped on the raft can be quite a dangerous situation. Unless someone is with you.

Who would help this harmless kitty trapped on the raft and it might be flowing down some really dangerous waters. Someone, HELLLLPP~~~!!!

If danger is not your game, feel free to even dance on the raft, with your partner as there are lots of nice sequences and you can be assured that the raft would take the weight well through any sort of water. Isn't it romantic to have dance floor over the flowing water?

You can get the Wayward Lay from marketplace here:

Or visit Smooching Serpent at:

Petit Chat Pride Cuff

Petit Chat has another item at The Chapter Four event and it is a nice cuff with a ring strapped right in the middle. This is the Pride Cuff.

The HUD of the Pride Cuff allows you to change the leather and the metal of the cuff and that is 36 available combinations to play around with.

Kitty had chosen to show you one of her customization in red. Does it look cute on her?

There is always something about cuff and nekos right? Can you see the cute little ring on the cuff now? I hope nobody is going to chain anything onto it...

The Pride cuff is available at The Chapter Four. Find the usual Petit Chat store at:

Petit Chat Themis Armlets

The Themis Armlets is a new addition to the Petit Chat Jewelery and it premieres at The Underdog  Event from $99L to  $195L (Fat pack obviously).

The Armlets, naturally fits nicely to the arm and it comes with 2 gemstone which you can easily customized on the HUD provided. But it does looks pretty Greek and thus named after the Titan Themis.

The included HUD allows you to change the stone color as well as the 2 metal parts on the Armlets.

And here is a close up of the Armlets in good light. look at how it shines!

Get your Themis Armlets at The Underdog Event. It's upstairs :


Brii Halloween Hunt

Brii is having a Halloween Hunt and there are 10 outfit with the Halloween theme in the store priced at $2L.

Some of them may be repeats, but you can always inspect it before paying.

Start you hunt today:

Bare Rose Wetsuit Lady C2

At some point of time in SL, there will be a chance for you to go dive deep to explore the ocean full of fantastic scene and then you will need a decent gear to look good in it. This is the time for Wetsuit Lady C2 from Bare Rose which feature not one, but 2 sets of colors and it consists of some variations for you to explore.

The Yellow Wetsuit Lady C2 is one of the main colors and it comes with a full headgear google and fins. You will be perfectly covered for with all the gear shown for a enjoyable dive.

While on land, the head mask can always be replaced with the GoggleUp version and you can pull down the top, which just hang around your waist for some sun and chill. There are even sets of Bikini provided so you do not need to go skin diving. Did you notice that this is the Grey color version of the wetsuit?

Ready to face some awesome sea creature together with Kitty?

You better have your Wetsuit Lady C2 ready. Get it from Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose OA Mr

The OA Mr is a MESH dress from Bare Rose which is not fitted, but definitely the addition you want for the Maitreya Body.

Kitty thinks this is the perfect dress for a Snow White (Combat Ed) roleplay and it looks really white and royally. The full white dress just radiates an aura of purity.

It comes with a cute ribbon on the head as well as Bento gloves for you fancy and natural movement of your fingers. Everything you see here is included, except the Battle Axe which is LR and mentioned in a previous post.

Get the AO Mr at Bare Rose Main Store. There are also the normal Mesh AO amd ptjer version available:

LR Nyodir Axe

This month at the We Love Roleplay fair, LR had pushed out a pair of Axes for some serious chopping... of prices too!

Whether you really plan to use this LR weapon, which works in most sims and meters, it does look good on your back and whats more, how about 2 of them. Perfect for a dwarf but also perfect even if you are Snow White Kitty. But your friends better mind the sharp edges when giving you a pet on your back.

The Nyodir Axe comes with a LR HUD which give you options to color the axe's color, the wooden handle as well as the laces. Who says you can't mix fashion with weapons?

There is no better time to go around hacking something or someone up, especially when Halloween is just around the corner now.

The Nyodir Axe is at 25% off ($450L) if you get it from the We Love RolePlay fair:

Or find it at the LR Weapon Main Store after October:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.