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Petit Chat Fanny Earring

There is always a time you want to bring put on a earring fast and quick and you do not want to mess around with it for too long, then the Petit Chat Fanny Earring is the answer to that.

The earring is simple and yet very visual. In a way, you can even say this coin like earring is perhaps the most fitting for Kitty's pirate outfit.

The HUD that comes with it consist allows you to customize the 3 components of the earring and also in each components the various colors.

You can see how the gold and silver based colors would probably be the favorite of this Kitty pirate, but of course you are free to choose otherwise.

This item is at The Hidden Chapter event and well, it is not so hidden if you want this, but you might have to go further in to find it, but it will only be here too 30th Sep 2017:

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