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LR Mb Bow

LR is once again at the We Love Roleplay event and they have showcase a new bow for this month named Mb Bow.

Before looking at the bow, let's examine the quiver where all your arrows are kept. They are place nicely in a pouch on your thigh firmly. 

The bow and arrow will feature all the anti-cheat system from LR as well as low lag and 9 banks of memory for you to customized your adventures.

There is always no lack of customization from LR since you can have many changes to colors and textures of the various components on the bow. I am sure from the HUD you are already excited about getting your hands on this nice bow.

Since it is at the We Love Roleplay event, you can really get 25% off this fabulous bow now!
Hurry up, the event will not last forever (Till End of September) :

Well, if you missed it now, you may still be able to try finding it at the LR Main Store:

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