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Bare Rose Pirate Mistress C2

The Pirate Mistress is a mesh outfit from Bare Rose which features bento fingers and well, if you prefer there is also a hook instead of your right hand.

Let Kitty try this out for you. She is using the Maitreya mesh body and tehre is no issue with the outfit, just need to hide some parts away if they do pop up in some really gymnastic poses. In fact, the whole magenta look goes so well it seems like the ship was made for this outfit. 

Here is a closer look at the outfit. Can you smell the leather on the high boots? There is a matching eye patch as well as a magenta colored hook too. Life doesn't get any better being a pirate like this right?

You can get this outfit at only $210 and it comes with all the items shown. To locate this outfit, it is near the top on the Mesh Female wall. While you are here, you can also check out Pirate Mistress as well as the C3 (Black) version.

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