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Petit Chat Captive Ankle Chain

The Captive Ankle Chain from Petit Chat is a nice pair of chains you can add to your outfit easily and it comes with several customization using the included HUD.

The 3 components on the chain can be easily made to match whatever shoes you have using the easy to use HUD.

Kitty has customized one which goes really well with her shoes. Notice the little cute lock on the chain, that is precisely the theme with "Captive".

The Captive Ankle Chain is being sold at The Darkness event at:

Petit Chat Instinct Ankle Belt

The Instinct Ankle Belts is the latest addition to Petit Chat and it is being presented at the Fashion Dazzle event from $50L onwards!

Similar to most other Petit Chat items, these Ankle Belts come with a HUD which allows you to change the color of the Strap and the Buckle. This HUD is from the FATPACK which means you will get all the colors!

Here is a close up of the Ankle Belts and Kitty has choose it to be the striking Pink so that you can see it clear and how well it does with her shoes. Ankle Belts is a nice way to add more customization to your outfit and this doesn't comes from every shops!

Get the Instinct Amkle Belt at the Fashion Dazzle event:

Petit Chat Charm Bracelet

Petit Chat has another item at The Chapter Four and it is a nice looking bracelet with customized HUD.

There are 2 HUD which gives the bracelet slightly different texture as one of the is Shiny and the other Brush. Well which one do you like more?

Here is one of the customization Kitty did. Can you guess whether this is shiny or brush?

The Charm Bracelet is on sales at The Chapter Four Hidden Chapter event. Well, its right under the well actually, just jump in at:

Petit Chat Abigail Headband

The Abigail headband is the latest addition to Petit Chat's range for headband and it comes with a user friend HUD which allows you to customized some of the colors and texture.

For each of the sections : Lace, Metal, Stone, Gem and Pearls, there are a variety of colors which you can choose from. The really depends on your mood right?

So how does it looks on Kitty? Its gorgeous! Notice that despite the hair Kitty had combed up on the day, it does really get in the way with the headband at all. They look perfectly natural on each other!

This item is on sale at The Chapter Four event and you should grab it a unbelievable 50% off:


Bare Rose Clerica

The Bare Rose Clerica is a very flashy and starry outfit that comes in totally pink and if you love magical girls, you will love this!

This modern outfit is mesh and material and therefore expect only the highest of quality texture. There is also a very sparkling staff that comes with this and you can tell from the shiny that it is not just one of those shiny object from the past, but a very detail light that you an be sure to last a long time in the future.

The outfit is both cute and elegant and you can see that it comes with all the parts which you can mix and match of course, but otherwise it is a complete set that you can be ready to transform into anytime.

Bare Rose's outfit is never known to cost a bomb and you can find the Clerica as well as other high quality outfit at:


Bare Rose Pink PuchiDebi

The Pink PuchiDebi is a mesh material outfit from Bare Rose that resembles those little cute vampire girls in anime and games. In additional, this also supports the new Bento systems with wings, fingers, tails and hems.

Here is a nice side view of the outfit and you can see the cute wings not just on the back but on the elbow too. There is also a small little Bento tail that comes with this outfit.

From the front, you can see the details of this outfit is really good because it is material and as usual, all the nice weaves and ribbons are fantastic from Bare Rose.

Feel like being a little vampyre girl today? Get this from the Bare Rose Main Store:

Petit Chat Smart Gourmette

The Smart Gourmette from Petit Chat is a fun set of bracelet which comes with a Style HUD for you to change it to your liking.
There are 3 different Style HUD and this is one of them.

Here is Kitty showing you how it looks like on her wrist.

However, if you like this, do get it quickly from the Lost and Found event because it will end on the 18th Aug:

Petit Chat Mystique Tag Necklace

The Mystique Tag Necklace from Petit Chat is now available at the Willowvale event which runs from now until 21 Aug 2017. Kitty is having a great time there, not just because of this necklace but also there are a lot more to see at the event.

Here is now the necklace looks like on Kitty close up and it does look like those army boys tags, but this definitely doesn't give it a rough and manly feel to it. 

The necklace is being sold at $165L now and you can find it at the Willowvale sim:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.