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Smooching Serpents Wild Mustang

When it comes to sex furnitures, I am sure the brand Smooching Serpents if not unknown to you, especially if you had follow Kitty's diary. Today, Kitty is going to show you a rather different type of furniture. One you would probably bring along... Yes, its a Wild Mustang!

There is not better than to own a good sports car than to having also a really good and detail Mustang. What is more is that this car isn't just something you can see, you can actually drive around in it and there are many patterns you can change to find one suitable for you.

Beside than customizing the colors, the Mustang already is realistic and many parts of it can also be opened for repair (and show off) since its highly detailed as well. 

The interior is not just for show and you can actually have some really hot times in it with you very special someone. This really ensures that the car is not just for driving around. This is a sex furniture after all, technically.

But if not in the mood for romantics, you can still always chill on the Mustang and there are many poses for casual chit chats as well. 

What is more is that the Mustang also comes with a Skybox Rezzer and it is also updated for life. You can buy this from the Marketplace:

Or you can visit Smooching Serpent Store to check it out yourself:

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