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Petit Chat Ring Flip Flop

The Ring Flip Flop is originally meant to be a male release for The Chapter Four event, but not to worry, Kitty will show you that this works well for ladies as well.

There are 2 variations which comes in either colors or patterns. Both of them comes with a HUD and Kitty is going to show you the Pattern version, but here is the HUD which allows you to play around with the customizations of the Flip Flop.

Kitty wonders if eveyone loves huge Flip Flop. Well if you do, the good news is you do not need to edit this much. If not, resizing it is never a big issue. Also Kitty is wearing Maitreya, which is not one of the supported mesh feet here. The build in ones are Slink and TMP. But look, Kitty got it to work anyway since this is movable!

The Ring Flip Flop can be yours, but you will need to get it at The Chapter Four event before end of the month:

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