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Petit Chat Ring and Strings Flip Flop

The Ring and String Flip Flop is participating at The Hidden Chapter event and you guessed it! This is a Gacha as well. There are lots of fantastic colors you can get for this really cheerful single colored flip flop for all your casual needs!

So what is the Rare item? Instead of a color, you get a HUD which you can see above gives you the ability to change the Flip Flop to any color you like! Isn't this the best item to get?

All the colors in this series is bright, cheerful and well, in case you left it in the sands, you would also be able to find it easily without using "Area Search"... :) 

So, this gacha would last until end of the month, but if you do not hurry, everyone is going to get their Rare before you! Find it at the Hidden Chapter event:

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