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LR Ayanad Bow

The LR Ayanad Bow is kind of Kitty's Bow because its named after Aya... Actually no. Its just a joke. But never the less its the perfect bow for Kitty the Magic Girl now. You will see why soon enough.

Like most other LR weapons, this comes with a HUD as well. But do take note of the new changes. Yes, notice the red "Palette"? It allows you to change the color to any of those palettes in the pop up and there are quite a lot of it!

Now, let's take a look at the Bow. Well, you can't tell it from Kitty's outfit right? Which comes to the point why Kitty mentioned this to be the perfect bow for her. Since the palette can be customized, it doesn't matter which color your outfit is! You can definitely choose something that blends in perfectly!

There is a quiver and bow on your waist behind when its sheathed and you can tell that because it is also movable, you will be able to shift it anyway you like to get it out of the way of even skirts and tail like Kitty do.

The bow comes with all the great features of LR weapons as you can see in the poster and this is a bargain now at the We Love Roleplay at 25% off! Get it at:

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