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LR Ayanad Bow

The LR Ayanad Bow is kind of Kitty's Bow because its named after Aya... Actually no. Its just a joke. But never the less its the perfect bow for Kitty the Magic Girl now. You will see why soon enough.

Like most other LR weapons, this comes with a HUD as well. But do take note of the new changes. Yes, notice the red "Palette"? It allows you to change the color to any of those palettes in the pop up and there are quite a lot of it!

Now, let's take a look at the Bow. Well, you can't tell it from Kitty's outfit right? Which comes to the point why Kitty mentioned this to be the perfect bow for her. Since the palette can be customized, it doesn't matter which color your outfit is! You can definitely choose something that blends in perfectly!

There is a quiver and bow on your waist behind when its sheathed and you can tell that because it is also movable, you will be able to shift it anyway you like to get it out of the way of even skirts and tail like Kitty do.

The bow comes with all the great features of LR weapons as you can see in the poster and this is a bargain now at the We Love Roleplay at 25% off! Get it at:

Smooching Serpents Wild Mustang

When it comes to sex furnitures, I am sure the brand Smooching Serpents if not unknown to you, especially if you had follow Kitty's diary. Today, Kitty is going to show you a rather different type of furniture. One you would probably bring along... Yes, its a Wild Mustang!

There is not better than to own a good sports car than to having also a really good and detail Mustang. What is more is that this car isn't just something you can see, you can actually drive around in it and there are many patterns you can change to find one suitable for you.

Beside than customizing the colors, the Mustang already is realistic and many parts of it can also be opened for repair (and show off) since its highly detailed as well. 

The interior is not just for show and you can actually have some really hot times in it with you very special someone. This really ensures that the car is not just for driving around. This is a sex furniture after all, technically.

But if not in the mood for romantics, you can still always chill on the Mustang and there are many poses for casual chit chats as well. 

What is more is that the Mustang also comes with a Skybox Rezzer and it is also updated for life. You can buy this from the Marketplace:

Or you can visit Smooching Serpent Store to check it out yourself:

Bare Rose Irouchikake

The Irouchikake is the Japanese tradtitional bridal dress and Kitty is going to show you one from Bare Rose today!

The Irouchikake have the outermost layer of kimono draped over the entire outfit with the obi hidden underneath it, so you will not see it at all. This elegant embroidery on the kimono is perfect for a glamorous wedding day. 

From the look, you can tell that the kimono is radiating a aural of happiness and good fortunate so this is the perfect dress for the wedding if you are considering one done with Japanese style.

You can find this item at Bare Rose Main Store at:

Petit Chat Ring Flip Flop

The Ring Flip Flop is originally meant to be a male release for The Chapter Four event, but not to worry, Kitty will show you that this works well for ladies as well.

There are 2 variations which comes in either colors or patterns. Both of them comes with a HUD and Kitty is going to show you the Pattern version, but here is the HUD which allows you to play around with the customizations of the Flip Flop.

Kitty wonders if eveyone loves huge Flip Flop. Well if you do, the good news is you do not need to edit this much. If not, resizing it is never a big issue. Also Kitty is wearing Maitreya, which is not one of the supported mesh feet here. The build in ones are Slink and TMP. But look, Kitty got it to work anyway since this is movable!

The Ring Flip Flop can be yours, but you will need to get it at The Chapter Four event before end of the month:

Petit Chat Ring and Strings Flip Flop

The Ring and String Flip Flop is participating at The Hidden Chapter event and you guessed it! This is a Gacha as well. There are lots of fantastic colors you can get for this really cheerful single colored flip flop for all your casual needs!

So what is the Rare item? Instead of a color, you get a HUD which you can see above gives you the ability to change the Flip Flop to any color you like! Isn't this the best item to get?

All the colors in this series is bright, cheerful and well, in case you left it in the sands, you would also be able to find it easily without using "Area Search"... :) 

So, this gacha would last until end of the month, but if you do not hurry, everyone is going to get their Rare before you! Find it at the Hidden Chapter event:

Petit Chat Sea Stuffs Gacha

Yes, you hear it right. Petit Chat is actually participating in The Project Se7en Gacha and all the items are related to the seaside!

The Shell Choker and Mix Necklace are Kitty's favorite and that is why this comes in the very first photo here. It totally gives you the feel of being at the seaside. However, the necklace is also the rare item from the gacha. The choker also comes has another version with the Starfish instead of the Shell! 

There is also a pair of Shell necklace if you manage to get them and it not only looks very natural, it is also very cute when the shell jingles. 

There is no reason not to wear the Sea Stuffs bracelet, at the beach or not. The version Kitty has here is the Starfish which can be seen even from such a distance. That is because it is cute! And Red. :) There are also flip flops which are rare items too and you should go check it out yourself!

The gacha will run until 20th July, so please hurry:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.