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Petit Chat Nightfall Eyepatch

Petit Chat has released another Eyepatch for The Darkness event and this time it is an Eyepatch with lots of little gems named Nightfall. I suppose this little gems are like stars in the sky!

The Eyepatch comes with 2 customizable parts and it can be changed into one of the 7 colors available. Since Kitty is a big fan of red and black, let's see this Eyepatch in those colors! 
Here is a picture of the HUD which you can change the look of this Eyepatch. Which color would you choose? But no matter what colors, it all comes in the same pack without additional cost!

Take a look at this. Did you notice anything different? Well, if you are sharp enough you will notice that the Eyepatch is now on the Left instead of the Right! The reason why this is possible is that there are 2 Eyepatches in the pack and you can choose whichever one you like!

The Nightfall Eyepatch is at the Darkness event till end of the month of June:

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