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Petit Chat Troika Plateforms

If you ever wished you were taller, even by that little bit... WEll, this doesn't make you taller, but at least it make you LOOKS taller. The Petit Chat Troika plateforms easily give you a few inches of height, and at the same time do that in a really colorful way!

This is one of the palettes which Kitty had tried out and even from this picture, I am sure you can feel the nice cushion from the elevated height. So wish to jump and bounce from these right?

 The Troika is available in 6 different HUD with different colors and here is one of Kitty's favorite.

No colors is ever too colorful! Try out all the different colors and you will be surprised that some of them looks rather fancy and fun! Kitty had a lot of fun playing with these Plateforms!

And if you think this is available at another event, then... You are RIGHT! This is available at the Shiny Shabby event until 15th June at:

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