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Petit Chat Flowery Jewellery

The Flowery Jewellery from Petit Chat is at The Old Fair event. This set of jewellery includes a pair of bracelets which you can wear left and right separately and if you have read Kitty's previous post, you can use the same method to color them separately too. There is also a beautiful necklace with a huge flower on it. Thus the name.
This is the HUD for the necklace and you can imagine there are many ways you can customize this necklace to your heart's content.
The same applies to the bracelet and you can also make quite some among of color changes to it. This almost feels like playing with watercolors with a big palettes of colors, except without the mess.

This is one of the color which Kitty has customized and it is a striking red which goes to really make this set of jewellery stands out from her black outfit.

Do not believe that, let's take a look from far and you will realized that the first thing you see are the striking red jewllery. No, what else are you looking at!!!

This item is available at the Old Fair running until 25th May, so hurry to get your own Flowery Jewellery:

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