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Petit Chat Flowery Eyepatch

The Flowery Eyepatch is a featured product from Petit Chat for the Chapter Four event and it is available now until 20th May 2017.

This eyepatch consist of a large flower and it definitely only for girls, there is no doubt about it. So do not expect to see if on any dirty old pirates anytime soon. But on a lady like Kitty, it is both cute and fun at the same time. Well, eyepatches are not only for pirates. Notice there is another item that is flowery too?

The Eyepatch comes with a HUD where you can alter the texture as well as the colors of the beads. There are lots of combinations of eyepatch you can make with this.

If you prefer the darker texture, here is one customized by Kitty where you have a dark black flower with black and white beads. Did this make Kitty look really bad ass?

The Flowery Eyepatch is available today FREE at the Chapter Four Event. You will need to go all the way into the shop in order to find Petit Chat booth. There is also another item being sold there, do you know which item is that?

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