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Petit Chat Cherry Jewels

Cherry is a cute little fruits that is so tiny and adorable that makes you want to wear them... Right? IF you ever have that wish, then Petit Chat had fulfilled that dream now! The Cherry Jewels is a set of Jewelery consisting of a necklace and a pair of earrings. Both of them in sweet cherry design and comes with a HUD for you to customized the colors!

The HUD is rather simple to use for the necklace, but it does give you some really nice combinations.

Here is one made by Kitty with the natural look of the sweet fruit just on your neck! Don't you want to have a taste of it. Well, but it is not real cherry!
Let's have a look at the Earrings HUD and you will find that it is similar and just as easy. And since the earrings comes individually for left and right, you can make them different colors as well. 

Can you see the necklace? I am sure the striking colors is going to catch you attention! I mean, what else would you be looking at?

The Cherry Jewels is featured at the Lost and Found Vintage Market located at:

There are lots of interesting items to be found, so grab you purse and let's go shopping with Kitty!

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