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Petit Chat Troika Plateforms

If you ever wished you were taller, even by that little bit... WEll, this doesn't make you taller, but at least it make you LOOKS taller. The Petit Chat Troika plateforms easily give you a few inches of height, and at the same time do that in a really colorful way!

This is one of the palettes which Kitty had tried out and even from this picture, I am sure you can feel the nice cushion from the elevated height. So wish to jump and bounce from these right?

 The Troika is available in 6 different HUD with different colors and here is one of Kitty's favorite.

No colors is ever too colorful! Try out all the different colors and you will be surprised that some of them looks rather fancy and fun! Kitty had a lot of fun playing with these Plateforms!

And if you think this is available at another event, then... You are RIGHT! This is available at the Shiny Shabby event until 15th June at:

Petit Chat Cherry Jewels

Cherry is a cute little fruits that is so tiny and adorable that makes you want to wear them... Right? IF you ever have that wish, then Petit Chat had fulfilled that dream now! The Cherry Jewels is a set of Jewelery consisting of a necklace and a pair of earrings. Both of them in sweet cherry design and comes with a HUD for you to customized the colors!

The HUD is rather simple to use for the necklace, but it does give you some really nice combinations.

Here is one made by Kitty with the natural look of the sweet fruit just on your neck! Don't you want to have a taste of it. Well, but it is not real cherry!
Let's have a look at the Earrings HUD and you will find that it is similar and just as easy. And since the earrings comes individually for left and right, you can make them different colors as well. 

Can you see the necklace? I am sure the striking colors is going to catch you attention! I mean, what else would you be looking at?

The Cherry Jewels is featured at the Lost and Found Vintage Market located at:

There are lots of interesting items to be found, so grab you purse and let's go shopping with Kitty!


Petit Chat Flowery Sandals

The Flowery Sandals is one of the items in the flowery series from Petit Chat and this is available at The Chapter Four event, together with a free gift.

This is one of Kitty's customized Flowery Sandals. Notice there are not 1, but 4 flowers on the sandals and you can actually customized all of these 4 flowers individually. In additional to that you can change the top strap, the bucket as well as the base of this wonder sandals.
This is the HUD which comes with the sandals, notice just how many combinations you can make from this HUD. There just have to be one for everyone!

And here is the back view of the sandals showing the bucket as well as the strap and base very distinctly with different colors.

As Kitty mentioned, there is available at the Chapter Four event til 20th May 2017:

Also Kitty mentioned a free gift and this is none other than the Flowery Eyepatch:


Petit Chat Flowery Jewellery

The Flowery Jewellery from Petit Chat is at The Old Fair event. This set of jewellery includes a pair of bracelets which you can wear left and right separately and if you have read Kitty's previous post, you can use the same method to color them separately too. There is also a beautiful necklace with a huge flower on it. Thus the name.
This is the HUD for the necklace and you can imagine there are many ways you can customize this necklace to your heart's content.
The same applies to the bracelet and you can also make quite some among of color changes to it. This almost feels like playing with watercolors with a big palettes of colors, except without the mess.

This is one of the color which Kitty has customized and it is a striking red which goes to really make this set of jewellery stands out from her black outfit.

Do not believe that, let's take a look from far and you will realized that the first thing you see are the striking red jewllery. No, what else are you looking at!!!

This item is available at the Old Fair running until 25th May, so hurry to get your own Flowery Jewellery:

Petit Chat Flowery Eyepatch

The Flowery Eyepatch is a featured product from Petit Chat for the Chapter Four event and it is available now until 20th May 2017.

This eyepatch consist of a large flower and it definitely only for girls, there is no doubt about it. So do not expect to see if on any dirty old pirates anytime soon. But on a lady like Kitty, it is both cute and fun at the same time. Well, eyepatches are not only for pirates. Notice there is another item that is flowery too?

The Eyepatch comes with a HUD where you can alter the texture as well as the colors of the beads. There are lots of combinations of eyepatch you can make with this.

If you prefer the darker texture, here is one customized by Kitty where you have a dark black flower with black and white beads. Did this make Kitty look really bad ass?

The Flowery Eyepatch is available today FREE at the Chapter Four Event. You will need to go all the way into the shop in order to find Petit Chat booth. There is also another item being sold there, do you know which item is that?


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.