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Petit Chat LilEgg

The LilEgg is the latest earrings from Petit Chat for the Square1 April round event and it comes with a complete HUD, 2 pieces of earrings (left and right).

Beside than the colors of the egg and ribbon on the earrings, you can also customized the pattern and the metal as well.

The egg can be colorful and striking so that everyone would notice it. Now, for a little quiz. Did you notice that there is a left and right earrings? Beside than able to wear just one earring, you can also make both earrings looks different. Do you know how to do that?

See there 1 different colored LilEgg? Well, here is how you go about doing it.

  1. Wear first earring and customized using the HUD. 
  2. Remove the first earring. You do not need to rermove the HUD.
  3. Wear second earring and customized using the HUD. 
  4. Wear the first earring again and now you can remove the HUD.

This item is exclusive to the Square1 event for April and will run until 21st, so hurry:

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