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Bare Rose Half Dragoness

The Half Dragoness is a new addition in Bare Rose and it comes with Bento wings, fingers and parts for other mesh bodies as well. It is simple to customized and there are a few components including animated and non-animated tail.

As you can image, this is an outfit fusing Dragon and Lady together to give you a grand majestic look that is awesome anytime, but especially in the background of flames. The Wings are huge and texture are realistic. There are lots of details on the claws on the hand and feet as well. 

From the back view, you can see the huge wings in full glory and a matching dragon tail. The outfit is literally hot as well as there are not very much to cover. But not to worry, if you are not using your mesh body bikini, there is also a normal tintable bikini provided just in case. But otherwise, look hot and sexy with the Half Dragoness anytime.

Get this from the Bare Rose Main Store:

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