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Smooching Serpents Caged Kunoichi

The Caged Kunoichi from Smooching Serpents is one of the premium bed set and it comes with lots of animations and goodies, all in Japanese style as suggested by the name. By the way, Kunoichi is used to refer to female ninjas. So I guess it will not be hard to imagine how this piece of erotic furniture can be used to train or punish female ninjas.

One of the first thing you notice would be how detail and huge the bed is. Well, it should be since there are menu to even support 3somes, but in terms of land impact, it can varies depending on what is being rezzed.

There are plenty of equipment that can be used together with this bed and these includes many punishment and sexual device you see here on a rack that can be rez if needed. And all in very classical Japanese style.

Although this is a BDSM bed, it doesn't mean everything has to be mean and rough. There are also settings to make experience with this bed romantic too. There are ambiance settings for putting flowers as you can see here, but there are other settings with fireplaces or candles too.

Smooching Serpents are really very well known for their smooth and comprehensive animations in the menu an since it is a bit hard to show you that by photos, Kitty is going to run through some of the special features you will find in this bed instead. First, you will find that there are a set of FREE ropes which can be option or given from the equipment rack above. And these ropes, when put on will integrate with the various animation on the bed perfectly. For fans of rope and bondage, this would definitely not be boring! 

And not everything has to happen on bed! There are even poses and animations on the frame for example which allows much more freedom in roleplaying from end to end. Just the amount of animations and menu options is enough to going to last you a long time and there are always new stuff to explore each time you play with this bed.

Kitty mentioned this can be used for punishment, so you should always expect to find a Pillory included which allows many options such as spanking and torturing in various scenarios. There is nothing like a good old bamboo pillory to punish some naughty kittens.

If you are not one who love the ground, there is always suspension to be considered. This is where all the ropes and bondage is going to come in handy. Phew, aren't you glad that you do not really have to tie all these manually by hand. All it takes is a menu and you are done. It does look like it might take a whole day in RL...

The bed is 100% mesh which is why such beautiful texture can be done with so little land impact and the last picture, Kitty is going to show you one really special feature of the Caged Kunoichi. Have you heard of Nyotaimori? It is a form of "art" where the female body is used as the base for sushi arrangement. You might have to hunt up and down for something that unique in SL, but if you are searching for one, you search if over. There is a table with various options included in the Caged Kunoichi and the body sushi is one of the option!

Now, who is hungry for Kitty's sushi?

Get the Caged Kunoichi from Smooching Serpents:

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