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Petit Chat Esmeralda Jewelery

Well, there is another release from Petit Chat and it is a full set of jewelery containing Ankle chain, Bracelet, Earrings and Necklace and they are all featured at the Inspiration event!

Here is an overall of all the pieces including the earrings, necklace, bracelet and ankle chains. Let have a closer look at the Esmeralda.

The earrings is one of more prominent pieces and you can customized the colors of the glass as well as the metal, so it is really colorful as the light shines through them as it jiggles in the wind.

The necklace is designed with similar glass pieces and also comes with the same HUD as any of the other pieces in this series.

The bracelet is surrounded with glass pieces which can comes in various color schemes and you can just wear one of both bracelet up to your preference.

The ankle chain is similar to the bracelet except it goes on your feet. There are 2 position for this and you can easy edit the height to your fitting.

All 4 pieces of the Esmeralda comes with a similar HUD as above so you are getting a lot more variation with the purchase.

Visit the event and get your a set of Esmeralda now:

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