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Petit Chat Grace Purse

The Grace Purse is a new release from Petit chat for the Marvelous Event of Feb 2017 and it is a cute purse which comes in 4 base color (indicated by the most bottom color). Why Kitty said that it is because the top, strap, hinges are all customizable and comes in an array of fancy colors.

This is Kitty's favorite base color - Red and this is the default setting when you get it. It comes with a top brown and black strap. Do not worry, Kitty is going to show you a customized Grace Purse soon enough.

This is the Black base version and Kitty had changed everything else to pink and red because it is just... cute! Well, that is like buying many many purse at the price of one and you get so many colors all at once. 

Since this is a feature in Marvelous Monthly, Kitty is going to get you there in a click:

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