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LR Vagabond Soul

The Vagabond Soul is a new weapon from LR and it is a stick suitable for all wanderers and hobos. It comes with a dual damage of Slave or Sword and it comes with a nice HUD which gives you lots of possibilities for customizing your own Vagabond Soul.

Before Kitty jumps to the stick, lets check the HUD out and your can see from the stick, laces and bag there are various colors and texture to choose from and you can of course resize you stick as well.

Depend on what you are wearing, you might prefer a dark and dirty bag to go on the wooden stick. But bear in mind, you never know what is inside the bag. Well if its stones, I think giving sword damage to you is more than kind! :)

To blend in with other outfit,, you can choose a dirty brown and a darker wood if you like. Look at how natural this goes with Kitty's Hobo outfit. The beauty of this stick is also, there is no special sheath position. So nobody would know if its drawn and ready. Think twice when you decide to bully Hobo Kitty.

This is the featured item at Total Topshelf event. As the event has not started, Kitty will be updating this post when the LM is available. And yes there is a discount during the event too!

Well, anyway here is the LM:

Visit LR Weapons Main Store for more deadly weapons:

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